Enrich your child’s early educational experience with WCNS. Our kindergarten enrichment programs are beloved by returning and new families alike!

We offer a unique curriculum tailored to meet the needs of your student.

Our teachers provide developmentally appropriate experiences in a welcoming setting supportive of kindergarten students emerging scholastic growth.  

We believe that an enrichment program should support students in the development of their individual character and – most importantly – to encourage their own emerging intellectual curiosityPersonal and social growth as well as academic skill development are key components of our programs.

Our goal is to inspire our students on their path to becoming lifelong,  joyful learners. 

  • Our programs meet the Illinois state standards for learning domains and compliment the District 39 learning standards.
  • All classes include lunch brought from home.
  • Parents may drop-off and pick-up curbside at the main entrance of WCNS for students from all elementary schools.
  • For families at Central School only: We are pleased to offer a walkover service for KEE students. A WCNS staff member will meet your child at the Central kindergarten entrance and walk her/him to WCNS for kindergarten enrichment.

2018/19 KEE Offerings

Art of Cooking

Monday: 11:30am-3:00pm

Tuition: $1,260

Enrollment: Min 6/Max 14

Bring out your child’s chef skills (measuring, mixing, following step-by-step instructions and more) as well as have him/her experience new food choices with peers when the children sample what they have made. A variety of cooking projects are on the menu—food from around the world, seasonal items, as well as children’s favorites. During class, the children have an opportunity to interact with each other while strengthening large and small motor skills, social & emotional confidence, cognitive learning in the areas of math, science, literacy, cultures around the world, and so much more. Again, lunch from home and outdoor play is incorporated.

Authors & Illustrators

Tuesday: 11:30am-3:00pm

Tuition: $1,190

Enrollment: Min 6/Max 14

This writers workshop will fuel your child’s love for books, drawing and storytelling through project-based explorations of genres, artistic media, and bookbinding methods.

“A book made by hand is the perfect meeting place for artistic expression and emerging literacy. Bookmaking unlocks something amazing in kids—creativity, enthusiasm, a zest for learning, concentration, patience, imagination and lots of talent. It lets kids forge a personal connection to reading, to writing, to making art.” – Cathy Miranker

Building Up STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math)

Wednesday: 11:30am-3:00pm

Tuition: $1,190

Enrollment: Min 6/Max 14

So many domains, concepts and skills will be explored during this class. We will work independently and together to: create simple structures based on drawings and plans; build a life-sized fort; fly mini helicopters, observe and test which materials make the best sling shot; study and build replicas of skyscrapers; and make things that float. Through these hands-on experiences, we will:

• Use observational and listening skills to identify the feelings and perspectives of others.
• Identify, describe, and compare properties of objects (e.g., size, shape, and color).
• Collect, describe, compare and record information.
• Represent data using concrete objects, pictures, and graphs.
• Show understanding of and use direction, location, and position words

Arts & Sparks

Thursday: 11:30am-3:00pm

Tuition: $1,190

Enrollment: Min 6/Max 14

Using open-ended art activities, children learn about a variety of art mediums as well as basic concepts of science. In Arts & Sparks, children will begin to understand these scientific concepts through the exploration of art materials. What could be more fun and open children’s creativity and imaginations? It will happen right before their eyes! During class, the children will have opportunities to interact with each other while strengthening large and small motor skills, social/emotional confidence, cognitive learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM), in addition to literacy and so much more. Lunch and outdoor play too!